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Our Mantra
The mantra and slogan for Housing101 is Ingenuity and Style. The implementation of innovative structural and conversion techniques combined with various architectural styles enables our buildings to have several points of difference over our competitors. These differences include:

The buildings are very robust and capable of being economically transported long distances and
are suitable for a variety of wind categories and climate zones.

The conversion process allows the buildings to be constructed to complement and be adapted to
existing structures and be quickly installed due to a variety of “plug and play” measures.

Both the installation process, along with the flexibility of the design, permits simple extensions in
the future. If requirements change, removal and installation elsewhere can be done at a low cost.

Due to the embodied carbon footprint of the existing steel structures and retrofitting innovations,
Housing101 can illustrate that the completed building will achieve a high green rating.

The reasons for creating Housing101 evolved from discussions on how assistance could be provided to regional towns in the Surat Basin suffering from lack of employment opportunities and skills training. Apart from providing employment and training locally, our goal is also to illustrate to other businesses and government that through creative and innovative manufacturing and marketing processes alternative businesses can be sustainable in regional areas. This initiative will also provide solutions to the ever growing shortage of affordable housing and practical disabled-friendly houses.
Even though the buildings can be economically transported and installed the finished product is recognised as a permanent structure with a high standard of architectural merit. Incorporation of many of the recommendations and features of the ‘Liveable Housing Design Guidelines’ provide for a comfortable lifestyle in the one bedroom studios, two bedroom units and 3 bedroom affordable small houses. Housing101 has also developed one and two bedroom disabled friendly units. Existing designs can be retrofitted for disabled living and provide the option for additional living areas and bedrooms. Due to the low cost of transport and installation, combined with the structural and thermal benefits added in the conversion process, Housing101 can competitively cater for markets ranging from tropical islands to providing house extensions and granny flats in Sydney.
The Consortium group who have committed to this business could be considered as Civic Entrepreneurs and are prepared to make considerable sacrifices and offer their substantial business experience and connections to assist the business and the regional community. They are accustomed to moving quickly, but making decisions based on long term outcomes, and providing innovative affordable solutions to provide stylish products to meet the affordable small house and disabled friendly market.